Feedback from Kosovo customers

This morning, we received an email from a Kosovo customer who highly praised the quality of our FA-CW230 checkweigher. After testing, the accuracy of this machine can reach ±0.1g, which far exceeds the accuracy they need, and can be perfectly applied to their production line immediately. After that, they were even more impressed by the excellent workmanship and quality of our Chinese manufacturing.


We are very happy with the recognition of customers and think that this is what we should do. Just like the philosophy of our company, we focus on quality, improve quality, and do our best to satisfy every customer, so that after receiving the machine, the customer can apply it on the production line simply and quickly. Of course, these are also based on our high-quality products.
Our Fanchi-tech FA-CW series dynamic checkweigher is easier to use than other checkweighers. It has an intuitive full-color touch screen and provides quick inspection and product settings. It automatically optimizes the system for each product type, allowing customers to complete learning and switching in minutes. This series of products are suitable for a variety of industry products, from small and light pouches to heavy boxes; widely used in meat and poultry processing, seafood, baking, nuts, vegetables, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics and other industries, and can be customized according to customer requirements, even in complex industrial environments, you can get precise weight control, maximum efficiency and consistent product throughput, so that customers' production lines can achieve the highest production efficiency.

Post time: Jun-11-2024