Fanchi Fully Automatic Granule Packaging Machine

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Fanchi FA-LCS series packing machine is suitable for pellet products, which can be accurate, rapidly weighing and packing, and is widely used in grain, feed, chemical and other fields. This product has good adaptability for a poor working environment. And there is a wide scope of weighing range, which can be packed arbitrarily within 5 ~ 50kg (just consider the size of the packaging bag opening). Weighing control adopts currently advanced performance software and hardware technology. The instrument itself has a good human -computer dialogue function, which is convenient for operators to modify relevant parameters and make the packaging work faster and more accurate.photobank

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It is mechanical and electric integration controlled by program. It has features as follow:
1. It has functions as weighting, filling, conveying and packaging. The structure is compact and reasonable and the appearance is novel and perfect. It also has the features as low-noise, low-energy and easy-operation, which can improve efficiency and reduce labor intensity to improve working environment.
2.This machine is constructed with two separated weighing controlling systems, which can achieve higher capacity .
3. Technologies as digital filter、analogue filter、eliminate mechanical vibration and impacting materials to improve the speed and precision
4. It can feed automatically and track the changes about the flow of materials. This function ensures the precision exactly.
5. Feeding and compensation automatically, clearing following situation of material in time to ensure precision reliable. 6. Multifunctional display, fault monitoring, automatic diagnosis technique and several data communication interfaces ( joined by computer or printer) to make site management and centralized control management easy.1714283192654bd0fb9424441edcd6bb9666b1210f958

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