4 Reasons To Use X-Ray Inspection Systems

Fanchi’s X-ray Inspection Systems offer a variety of solutions for food and pharmaceutical applications. X-ray inspection systems can be used throughout the entire production line to inspect raw materials, semi-finished products, pumped sauces or various types of packaged products transported by conveyor belts.
Today, the food and pharmaceutical industries are using innovative technologies to optimize key business operations and production processes to achieve key performance indicators (KPIs)
With the advancement of technology, Fanchi’s X-ray inspection systems now have a complete product range that can be installed at different stages of the production line to detect raw materials for contaminants such as metal, glass, minerals, calcified bone and high-density rubber, and further inspect products during processing and end-of-line packaging to protect downstream production lines.

1. Ensure reliable product safety through excellent detection sensitivity
Fanchi’s advanced technologies (such as: intelligent X-ray inspection software, automated setting functions, and a wide range of rejectors and detectors) ensure that X-ray inspection systems achieve excellent detection sensitivity. This means that foreign contaminants such as metal, glass, minerals, calcified bone, high-density plastics and rubber compounds can be more easily detected.
Each x-ray inspection solution is tailored to a specific application and package size to ensure excellent detection sensitivity. Detection sensitivity is increased by optimizing the contrast of the x-ray image for each application, allowing the x-ray inspection system to find all types of contaminants, regardless of size, anywhere in the product.

2. Maximize uptime and simplify operation with automatic product setup
The intuitive, high-performance x-ray inspection software features fully automatic product setup, eliminating the need for extensive manual corrections and reducing the potential for human operator errors.

The automated design increases product changeover speeds, maximizing production time and ensuring consistently excellent detection sensitivity

3. Minimize false rejects and reduce product waste
False reject rates (FRR) occur when good products are rejected, which not only results in product waste and increased costs, but can also reduce production time as the problem needs to be corrected.

Famchi’s x-ray inspection software automates setup and has excellent detection sensitivity to minimize false rejects. To this end, the x-ray inspection system is set to the optimal detection level to reject only the bad products that do not meet brand requirements. In addition, false rejects are minimized and detection sensitivity is increased. Food and pharmaceutical manufacturers can confidently protect their profits and avoid unnecessary waste and downtime.
4. Enhance brand protection with industry-leading X-ray inspection software capabilities
Fanchi’s safety-certified x-ray inspection software provides powerful intelligence for the X-ray inspection series of equipment, providing excellent detection sensitivity to complete a series of quality assurance inspections. Advanced software algorithms further enhance contaminant detection and integrity inspection capabilities to improve product safety. Fanchi’s X-ray inspection systems are easier to use than traditional software and can be quickly programmed to maximize uptime.

Post time: Jun-25-2024