Checkweigher and X-Ray Inspection Combined System

In addition to the inspection of product quality control on the production line, it also requires metal detector monitoring, X-ray detection device monitoring, and visual system inspection. From this, there may be a dual-function combination system of the weighing scale and the equipment with the above functions, or even a multi-function combination system. In addition, there may be a variety of combinations of inspection scales and inkjet printers, labeling machines, bar code readers, and packaging machines on the production line.

The advantages of this type of combined system are

1)Combined systems are less costly than buying separate systems and then integrating them together.

2)The combined system occupies less space in the production line, and the common operating parts can be shared, such as the input segment and the product timing and fixed interval requirements are common to various testing equipment, and these devices can be shared.

3)The elimination device of the product can be shared, and the unqualified product can be uniformly tracked and managed;

4)Mainstream weighing scale manufacturers often offer users a single point of contact for service and support with combined system products;

5)The independent system has multiple operating interfaces, and some combined systems can be integrated into a single operating interface, easy and fast operation.

In order to ensure that products produced by the food and pharmaceutical industries are not contaminated with metals, metal detectors or X-ray detection devices are required. They can be used at different stages of the production process, such as when the material is in bulk during the production process, and can be removed before the metal is broken into smaller pieces, thus preventing damage to the processing machinery and also avoiding the removal of product and packaging waste when it becomes a high value-added product later on. Of course, it is more often used for finished product inspection, so that there is no risk of subsequent contamination and can ensure that the brand quality standards of retailers and consumers are met. More importantly, when contaminants are detected, preventive measures are implemented through risk analysis and critical control point audits to prevent metal contamination from happening again, starting at the front of the production line.

The visual inspection device is to use the machine instead of the human eye to measure and judge, and convert the object to the image signal through the image capture device; The image system computes these signals and extracts the features of the target. Then according to the preset criterion output judgment results, and then control the field equipment action.

Examples of what visual inspection devices can be used to inspect

1)The outer packaging of the product is damaged, whether the label is available, the production date and the expiration date;

2)Canned drinks, canned food pull ring quality;

3)The bottle cap of the bottled product is skewed or missing;

4)Cracks or holes in the film of the film packaging product;

5)Tablet packaging missing, mixed, broken.

Post time: Dec-08-2023