Fanchi-tech Checkweigher with Keyence Barcode Scanner

Do your factory have troubles with following situation:
There are quite a lot SKUs in your production line, while each of them capacity is not very high, and deploying one unit checkweigher system for each line will be very costly and labor resource wasting. When customers come to Fanchi, we solved this issue perfectly and effectively here: Fanchi-tech developed special software to work with Keyence Barcode Scanner. Before reaching to weighing platform, the each case with unique barcode will be scanned by Keyence Camera and send its SKU info to Fanchi-tech Checkweigher, and Fanchi-tech Checkweigher identify SKU and verify its weight with pre-set target weight, unqualified weight cases will be rejected automatically. Whatever the size or weight of cases(as long as it’s within checkweigher allowed range), then it can be checked weight automatically. It can save customer’s investment greatly in this way, which is to say, only one Checkweigher is enough for 5 or more lines of production.

Fanchi-tech Checkweigher


With the help of our high-speed weighing algorithm, the weighing capacity can reach 15-35 cases per minute with max weight up to 50kg.
Why we use Keyence camera? That’s because Keyence scanner has a wider scanning view, and no matter the barcode is in horizontally or vertically, can be scanned and identified well at once.


Barcode Scanner

Fanchi-tech checkweighing solution has been successfully applied by quite a few established brands so far, if you have similar requirements, please feel free to contact our sales engineer by 

Post time: Nov-28-2023