FDA-approved X-ray and Metal Detection test samples meet food safety demands

metal detector test samples meet food safety demands

A new line of food safety-approved x-ray and metal detection system test samples will offer the food processing sector a helping hand in ensuring that production lines meet increasingly strict food safety demands, the product developer had claimed.

Fanchi Inspection is an established supplier of metal detection and x-ray inspection solutions for industries including food, has launched a collection of FDA-approved test samples to prevent the contamination of food with materials such as plastic, glass and stainless steel.

The samples are placed on food production lines or within products to ensure that inspection systems are operating correctly.

Luis Lee, Fanchi’s head of after-sales service told that FDA certification, which incorporates food contact approval, has become a must in the food processing sector.

The certification is the highest standards in the industry, Luis added.

Industry demand


FANCHI detector

“One thing people are asking for at the moment is for FDA certification and for the test samples to be sourced from FDA certified materials,” said Luis.

“A lot of people don’t publicize the fact they have FDA certification. If they do have it, then they’re not broadcasting it. The reason why we did it was that previous samples were not good enough for the market.”

“We have to meet these criteria for certified samples in order to meet the demands of customers. The food industry demands the use of products with FDA certification.”
The test samples, which are available in a range of sizes, follow an internationally recognized color coding system and are suitable for use with all metal detection and x-ray machines.

For metal detection systems, ferrous samples are marked in red, brass in yellow, stainless steel in blue and aluminum in green.

Soda lime glass, PVC and Teflon, which are used to test x-ray systems, are marked in black.


Metal, rubber contamination

This type of practice has become vital to ensure that inspections systems meet food safety regulations and prevent potential public health hazards, according to Fanchi Inspection.

UK-retailer Morrisons was recently forced to issue a recall on a batch of its own-brand Whole Nut Milk Chocolate over fears that it may be contaminated with small pieces of metal.

Irish food safety authorities announced a similar warning in 2021, after supermarket chain Aldi began a precautionary recall of Ballymore Crust Fresh White Sliced Bread after it became aware that a number of the loaves were potentially contaminated with small pieces of rubber.

Post time: Apr-19-2024