Why choose Fanchi-tech’s high-performance automatic weighing equipment?

Fanchi-tech provides a variety of automatic weighing solutions for food, pharmaceutical, chemical and other industries. Automatic checkweighers can be applied to the entire production process to ensure that products meet industry specifications and make operations more convenient, thereby optimizing the entire production process. With a variety of solutions based on a single platform, from entry-level to industry-leading, we provide manufacturers with more than just an automatic checkweigher, but a platform that can build efficient production and quality control processes. In a modern production environment, packaged food and pharmaceutical manufacturers rely on innovative technologies that will help companies comply with national and industry regulations, help achieve core operations, and optimize production processes.
1. As part of the production process, the automatic checkweigher can provide the following four functions:
Ensure that insufficiently filled packages do not enter the market and ensure compliance with local metrology regulations
Help reduce product waste caused by overfilling, verify product integrity, and serve as a key quality control function
Provide packaging integrity checks, or verify the number of products in large packages
Provide valuable production data and feedback for improving production processes
2. Why choose Fanchi-tech automatic checkweighers?

2.1 Precision weighing for highest accuracy
Select precision integral electromagnetic force recovery weighing sensors
Intelligent filtering algorithms eliminate environmentally induced vibration issues and calculate average weightsStable frame with optimized resonant frequency; weighing sensor and weighing table are centrally located for highest weighing accuracy
2.2 Product handling
Modular system architecture supports multiple mechanical and software product handling optionsProducts can be easily transferred using a variety of precision product handling options to reduce downtime and optimize performanceInfeed time and spacing options provide perfect weighing conditions to optimize line performance
2.3 Easy integration
Flexible integration of production processes such as quality inspection, batch change and alarmsFanchi-tech’s sophisticated data acquisition software ProdX seamlessly integrates all product inspection equipment for data and process management
Rugged, configurable, multi-language user interface for intuitive operation
3. Improve line performance with digitization and data management
Complete record of rejected products with time stamps. Centrally enter corrective actions for each incident. Automatically collect counters and statistics even during network outages. Performance verification reports ensure that the equipment is operating as expected. Event monitoring allows quality managers to add corrective actions for continuous improvement. Products and batches can be easily and quickly replaced for all detection systems through the HMI or OPC UA server.
3.1 Strengthen quality processes:
Fully support retailer audits
Ability to take faster and more accurate actions for incidents and record corrective actions
Automatically collect data, including recording all alarms, warnings and activities
3.2 Improve work efficiency:
Track and evaluate production data
Provide sufficient historical “big data” volume
Simplify production line operations
We can not only provide automatic weight check. Our detection equipment products are also the leaders in the field of global automated detection technology, including our metal detection, automatic weight check, x-ray detection, and tracking and tracing customer experience. As a company with a brand history, we have gained rich industry experience in sincere cooperation with global customers. We are committed to meeting customers’ needs throughout the life cycle of the equipment.
Every solution we provide is the result of our years of experience in close cooperation with customers in various industries and markets around the world. We have a deep understanding of the problems our customers face and over the years have responded precisely to their various requirements by developing the most appropriate product portfolio.

Post time: Jul-10-2024