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With decades of experience working with high-quality metal cabinet finishes, Fanchi Group will accurately and efficiently provide the specific finish you require. Since we do several popular finishes in-house, we are able to precisely control the quality, costs and timing. Your parts are finished better, faster and more cost-effectively.

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Our Finishing Capabilities Include

●Powder Coating

●Liquid Paint


●Silk Screening

Powder Coating

With powder coating, we can provide an attractive, durable and cost-effective finish in an immense variety of colors and textures. We will apply the appropriate coating to meet your product’s end-use requirements, whether it will be used in an office, lab, factory, or even outdoors.


Stainless Steel Finishing

Maintaining the sharp, refined look of stainless steel after fabrication requires a masterful touch from highly skilled hands. Our experienced staff ensures that the end product is reliably attractive and blemish-free.

Screen Printing

Finish your part or product with your logo, tagline, or any other design or verbiage of your choice. We can screen virtually any product on our screen print tables and can accommodate one, two, or three color logos.

Deburring, Polishing, and Graining

For perfectly smooth edges and a uniform, attractive finish on your fabricated sheet metal parts, Fanchi offers a fleet of high-end finishing equipment, including the Fladder Deburring system. We can custom grain stainless steel to a specified mill finish or even a pattern finish to meet your unique needs.

Other Finishes

Fanchi handles a wide variety of custom projects for our clients, and we’re always up to the challenge of perfecting a new finish.


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